Manteo Struggles Against Northside

On Wednesday, December 6th, the Manteo Redskins traveled down to Pinetown to face off against the Northside Panthers. While early on in the season, prior to the matchup, neither team had lost a game yet. Both teams came into the game with confidence, but someone would have to lose their undefeated status.

The game started in quick favor of Northside as they were able to knock down their first three-point attempt in the corner, followed by getting in behind Manteo’s press for an easy layup. Manteo would regroup and settle in offensively after coming up short on their first few possessions.

Hendrick Kee would again kickstart the Redskin offense after receiving a skip pass from Erik Bailey and knocking down a step-back three-pointer in the corner. The following offensive possession, Manteo would tie it up at 6-6 as power-forward, Wolfie Schultz, went strong to the rack on a reverse lay-up, netting the And-1.

Manteo dropped into half-court man to man defense, and for the first quarter, it was a back and forth game. The Northside point guard gave the Manteo defense trouble with his quick, shifty handles, driving and dishing, setting up Northside’s post players on the offside. On the offensive end, Manteo was on fire from beyond the arc. Erik Bailey would add three first-quarter three-pointers on top of Kee’s three-pointer.

The first quarter would end with Manteo hanging tough against a big, quick Panther team, down just 20-18.

Manteo started the second quarter by taking a one point lead off a quick corner three-pointer from Bailey, who was really feeling it early on. Manteo would quickly find themselves in serious foul trouble to start the 2nd quarter, as the point guard, Claveon Rice would pick up his third foul in the first minute of the second quarter and have to sit the rest of the half. Wolfie Schultz would also have to sit much of the second quarter due to early fouls.

Northside looked to take control of the game by unleashing their point guard. Everything began to run through Northside’s number 3, and Manteo could not stop him. Northside’s offense exploded in the 2nd quarter scoring 30 points. The Panthers shot a high percentage from outside, but most points came in the paint off drives and dump off passes. If Northside did miss on the offensive end, they often got the offensive rebound and put-back as Manteo did a poor job of boxing out.

As Manteo cooled off from beyond the arc and failed to stop Northside on the offensive end, Manteo found themselves down by 20 going into halftime.

At halftime, Manteo would discuss their tactics and look to do a better job boxing out, controlling the tempo, better ball movement offensively, and take it strong to the rack. However, execution of the tactics was poor in the second half, and Northside continued to roll.

While Manteo was 6 of 15 from beyond the arc in the first half, they were ice cold in the second half, shooting just 1 for 11. Despite instructions to go strong inside, Manteo stayed out of the paint and continued to settle for outside shots. Long rebounds lead to Northside leak outs in transition and easy lay-ups for them. Manteo was digging a hole that would prove impossible to dig their way out of.

The fourth quarter saw Northside continue to increase their lead, as Manteo struggled to link up consecutive defensive stops. The offensive end was better for Manteo as there was much more fluidity in the ball movement, however, they continued to miss easy shots underneath.

In the end, Manteo fell to the Panthers by a disappointing score of 87-44.

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “Facing our first tough opponent, this was certainly an eye-opener for us, as we realize we still have a lot of work to do. I was really disappointed in our defensive effort tonight as it was not the defensive effort and intensity we have been seeing in practices lately. Even though we hung tough for the first quarter, I feel as if we let them beat us mentally before ever stepping on the court. We have the players to compete and win every night, and our team needs to believe that as well.”



Redskins Roll Past the Hurricanes

On Thursday, November 30th, the Hatteras Hurricanes traveled to Manteo to face off against the Redskins for their second non-conference game of the season. Manteo was riding the momentum from their season opener, as they won big against Mattamuskeet, and they would look to use that confidence to secure another win.

In the practices leading up to the matchup against the Hurricanes, the Redskins worked on their zone offense as they expected to see a lot of 2-3 zone from Hatteras, however, Manteo would find most of their points throughout the game in transition, as they racked up a total of 16 team steals during the contest.

The opening two minutes of the game were ugly on both sides, as Manteo seemed a bit nervous for their first home game. Senior guard Henrick Kee, however, had nothing but confidence in his first shot attempt from beyond the arc in the corner, letting it fly through the net for Manteo’s first points of the game. The three-pointer from Kee was all that was needed to relax the Redskins as they would never relinquish the lead for the remainder of the game. Manteo jumped into their press defense and created havoc for the Hurricanes.

The length and speed of sophomore, James Gilreath, atop the press gave the Hurricane guards fits, as they could not see clearly past him, and made numerous poor passes down the court that were picked off by Manteo defenders.

Manteo did a great job of changing up their press defenses, and the defensive shifts within each press. Junior point guard, Claveon Rice, lead the way defensively with eight steals throughout the game. Rice also proved to be an offensive force as he went off for 29 points.

Even with the slow start in the first two minutes of the first quarter, the Redskins ended the first quarter up by a score of 21-7, in large part due to their stifling press defense. All five of the Manteo starters, Kee, Rice, Gilreath, Erik Bailey, and Wolfie Schultz chipped in to tally up the 21 first quarter points.

In the first quarter, Kee, Rice, and Bailey heated up from beyond the arc, but they quickly cooled off in the 2nd quarter. Manteo continued to take good open shots from beyond the arc but failed to convert them. This kept Manteo from setting up their press and getting their easy transition points. Manteo would only score eight points to Hatteras’s seven points in the second quarter but still went into halftime with a comfortable lead.

The second half of the game saw the entire Redskin roster chipping in. During the third quarter, no matter the line-up, the Redskins continued to press and drop into half-court man to man defense. Karizma Bryant provided defensive intensity and effort, resulting in easy transition buckets, while Colby Glod came in and found his outside range, knocking down a three-point shot that he has worked tirelessly to improve over the last year.

The Redskins could do no wrong in the second half. The confidence of the home team grew each time the ball went through the net, and in the fourth quarter, Rice really opened the game up with a personal offensive explosion consisting of consecutive threes and steals into converted lay-ups.

In the fourth quarter, Manteo put up 23 points while holding the struggling Hurricanes to just three points.

Hatteras fought hard every minute of the game and ever gave in, but the Redskins were too much for them to match up with. The game ended in a 71-24 victory for the Redskins.

Manteo will be put to the test next week with games on the road at both Northside and First Flight.

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, ” I was really pleased with our defensive effort tonight. Everyone is buying into the importance of defense and we are seeing the results, as it is kickstarting our offensive rhythm. Offensively, players continue to make the extra pass to get great shots. Schultz has been playing great behind the zone and really playing unselfish basketball, getting everyone involved for the best possible shot. Rice had a huge game for us and we will need him to continue to be aggressive on both sides of the ball for us to continue to be successful. I am looking forward to next week to really put our team to the test and see where we stand.”



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Manteo Opens the Season With a Big Win

On the evening of Monday, November the 27th, the Manteo Redskins traveled the desolate road to Mattamuskeet, to take on the Lakers in the season’s opening game. Basketball practice kicked off back on October the 30th, however, Manteo just got nine of their thirteen players back last Monday, due to a successful football season. The Redskins made the most of their four practices last week, amongst the holiday week, to prepare for their first game. It was vital for the program to start off with a win this year after a long and difficult previous season.

The game tipped off with anxious players on both teams feeling the nerves of the season’s first game. Manteo started off with a backcourt violation followed by a quick turnover in the following possession. After giving up two points on the following possession to a Laker guard on a nice drive, the Redskins began to settle in and play ball. They were sparked by a charge taken by Manteo power forward, Wolfie Schultz.

The turnover lead the Redskins to a drive from the point guard, Claveon Rice, to forward, Hendrick Kee. Kee caught the ball in the corner while in motion, taking one dribble on a step back three-pointer. Kee knocked it down, energizing the Redskins and allowing them to set up in their 1-2-2 three-quarter press. Manteo would press aggressively throughout the first quarter, switching between a full court and three-quarter court press. The length of James Gilreath atop the press and the quick Manteo guards behind him allowed the Redskins great success in their press. Manteo was able to turn Mattamuskeet over and turn them over often.

Most all of Manteo’s first-quarter points came from transition points off of steals in the open court. Manteo would end the first quarter with a 15-10 point lead. The Redskins would have easily obtained a double-digit first-quarter lead had they simply made the majority of their lay-ups, however, it appears as if they were still knocking off the rust with only four practices under their belt.

The Lakers looked to slow the Redskins down in 1-3-1 halfcourt zone. When the Redskins were forced into a halfcourt offense, they often showed great patience.  They worked the ball around shifting the zone and getting in behind the zone on the backside. The Manteo offense easily distorted the zone and allowed the Redskins a plethora of great shots in the paint.

While the Manteo offense appeared new and improved, the uptempo pressure defense was controlling the game for the Redskins. The fast-paced tempo was, however, negated towards the end of the second quarter with excessive fouls on both sides, leading to one and one foul shots. After extending the lead to 16 points at one point in the 2nd quarter, Mattamuskeet was able to crawl back in the game by halftime by making their foul shots, and Manteo shooting six for sixteen from the line.

Manteo went into halftime with a 29 to 17 lead.

The Redskins came out energized to start the second half, lead by Gilreath and Kee. While Gilreath may have scored all twelve of his points in the first half, he was a dominant defensive force all over the court while never taking a defensive possession off. Gilreath’s tenacity coupled with Kee’s energy and passion lead the Redskins to run away with the game in the third quarter. Mattamuskeep continued to remain unable to run an effective press offense against the Redskins without turning the ball over regularly. Manteo also began to make their transition lay-ups, allowing them to score 15 points in the third quarter while only conceding three points to the Lakers.

The Redskin bench was used early in the first half, but the bench really began to shine in the third quarter. Karizma Bryant gave the Redskins great minutes with defensive intensity and running the court in transition for an easy eight points.

Entering the fourth quarter with a comfortable lead, the Redskins continued to press for a few more minutes before dropping into halfcourt man to man defense. The game really began to open up, being played almost entirely in transition. Shymeek Pledger came in to add three quick assists for the Redskins, while sophomore Bryson Sawyer showed great confidence in his game, racking up a quick nine points. Josh Houston began to utilize his size and strength in the paint to post an easy six points for Manteo.

Throughout the game, Manteo’s defense was the difference maker. Manteo racked up 17 steals throughout the game. The Lakers were never really able to handle the pressure defense, and the Redskins settled into an effective halfcourt offense after they saw the ball fall through the net off of transition lay-ups.

The final score was Manteo 66 to Mattamuskeet’s 39 points.

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “I am really pleased with the overall performance of our team tonight. It was a great team win with everyone fulfilling their roles effectively. We played above what I might have expected, given only four team practices, but that stemmed from the defensive intensity we brought forth, and the building trust in the offensive system. At times we really moved the ball well offensively, passing up good shots for great shots. That is an early sign of a maturing team. It feels great to start off with a win!”

Manteo Ends the Season with a Convincing Win

On a cold and blustery Friday night in February, the Hatteras Hurricanes blew into town. On the previous meeting down in Hatteras, it was a hard fought, ugly game, where the Redskins were able to pull away at the end, to win 51-40. The Redskins were determined to showcase their vast improvement since then and end their season with a convincing win over the Hurricanes.

The Redskins were able to score first and set up in their diamond and one full court press.  The Hurricanes did a good job of taking the ball out quickly, not allowing Manteo to be fully set up in their press.  Throughout the first half, Manteo would switch back and forth between full court and three-quarter court presses, forcing some turnovers, but mostly they made defensive stops in their half-court zone and finished it off with the rebound. The Redskins would hold the Hurricanes to just 19 points in the first half while posting 40 of their own. Sophomore Erik Bailey led the way scoring as he heated up from beyond the arc, knocking down five threes throughout the game. Freshman Darren Saunders also got hot during the 2nd quarter, knocking down three three-pointers to extend Manteo’s lead. Seniors Chandler France and Shumure Flowers led the charge on the boards throughout the first half, ensuring defensive stops, and second shot opportunities on the offensive end.

Manteo was able to extend their lead in the second half to thirty points at one time, allowing them to drop back into just their half-court zone. Hatteras put forth a worthy effort, but in the end, Manteo would win 71-45.

Freshman James Gilreath posted his first double-double in just his third varsity game, with 10 points and 10 rebounds. Senior Chandler France left it all on the court for his last game, posting 8 points, 17 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 1 steal. Senior Shumure Flowers also put forth a great last game posting 5 points, 8 rebounds, and 1 block.

Coach Cleaver was quoted after the game stating, ” We are excited to end with a big win, and we will miss our two senior leaders for next year. However, the young players on this team have grown tremendously this season, showing great promise, and we look forward to the start of next season. Until them, we will be in the gym and the weight room working hard to better ourselves and the team.”

Back and Forth Game Against Ocracoke Ends in Defeat

On Tuesday, February 7th, the Redskins made the long trip south to take on the Ocracoke Dolphins. The game plan was to take their best player, number 22, Liam Caswell, out of the game, and force others to make shots, with a box and one defense. Freshman James Gilreath defended Caswell brilliantly all night long, holding him to scoring just one basket from the field, and seven points on the foul line. His nine total points were a far cry from the 27 points he droped on Manteo the last time they faced off.

Gilreath was not the only Redskin who came ready to ‘D’up’, as Manteo held Ocracoke to scoring just seven points in the first quarter, and 11 points in the second quarter. Manteo went into half time leading for the first time this year with a score of 22-18.

In the first half, the Redskins moved the ball effectively to get good looks inside and out aginst both man and zone defense. During half time, the Redskins anticipated and prepared for Ocracoke to start the second half off in their 2-2-1 pressure defense. They did as expected, however, it still game Manteo trouble. A few quick turnovers let Ocracoke right back in the game. A pivotal moment in the third quarter occured when leading 25 to 19, the Redskins turned the ball over in the front court, of which Ocracoke then converted the possesion. Manteo then illegally handed the ball in after the basket, which gave the ball right back to Ocracoke to take out under the basket. That inbound play for Ocracoke lead to a made three pointer in the corner, followed by a foul after the basket, which then again gave the ball back to Ocracoke. The Dolphins then hit a baseline jumper to take the lead 26-25. That 7-0  series of events got Ocracoke rolling and stole the momentum from Manteo.

The game would go back and fourth throughout the thrid and fourth quarter. The game was tied up at 44 with 2:30 remaining in the fourth quarter. Ocracoke would then score, followed by a missed layup for Manteo, resulting in a foul and Ocracoke shooting 1 and 1, of which they would sink. A good look from beyond the arc from Manteo, would miss badly, after which Ocracoke came down and burried a corner three, to lead by 7 points. Missing the next shot and the clock narrowing down to a minute remaining, the Redskins had to foul and stop the clock. Ocracoke went 10 for 10 from the line in the fourth quarter from three different players. The Redkins would score on their remaining possessions, but not enough to cut into the seven point lead. Final score, 59 to 52.

Senior Chandler France lead another double double, with 16 points and 16 rebounds. Erik Bailey hit four 3’s and a layup to add 14 points. Claveon Rice, Wolfie Schultz, James Gilreath, and Darren Saunders chiped in for the rest of the points.

Coach Cleaver stated, ” We are playing our best basketball as of late. This was our first complete game, from start to finish. The players have finally bought into the concept of and the importance of defense, and we held a high scoring team to just 18 points in a half by playing good team defense. We executed our game plan, taking their best player out of the game, and forced the others to step up. I credit the Ocracoke players for stepping up and doing just enough to get the win, but I am extremley proud of our boys for the effort they put fourth tonight, and the vast improvement they have shown as of late.”



Valient Comeback Against Creswell Falls Just Short

The Manteo Redskins started the game off shaky with 3 straight turnovers, and three straight fouls on the defensive end. The trend of turning the ball over would cease, as Manteo would finish the game with 15 (their lowest turnover total yet this year), however, the trend of the fouls would continue throughout the night and ultimately determine the outcome of the game.  Creswell would finish the game making 29 of 39 foul shots, as Manteo had 4 different players foul out in the 4th quarter. It was one thing for the whistle to blow all night long, but the whistle was constantly being blown by the wrong official who was not in the position to make the correct call.

Despite the early and constant foul trouble throughout the game, the Redskins hung tough and gave it all they had. Due to Creswell not having a JV team, the varsity team brought several of their own JV players for bench support, and the young men came ready to play. James Gillreath hoped off the bench just two minutes into the game, and he would never return to the bench. James lead the defensive 1-2-2 trap at the top, providing speed and length, and causing turnovers. James also lead on the boards, with 7 offensive rebounds. Erik Bailey put forth his best game on the season, posting a double double, with 16 points, 10 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 assist.

Creswell started the game off in a triangle and two defense, playing man on Claveon Rice, and Erik Bailey. This left room for others to find open looks outside as Hendrick Kee and Darren Sauders did just that. The Tigers were eventually forced back into man defense.

The Redskins went into the 4th quarter down 16 points. With all freshman and sophomores on the court, the Redskins mounted a comeback to bring it to just down 3 points at one point.

With just a little more than one minute remaining in the game, and down six, the Redskins had their fourth player foul out. Sophomore Blaize Bozarth was pulled from the bench and told to let it fly. With under a minute to play, Blaize caught the ball for the first time all game at the top of they key, at the volleyball line, and let it fly for 3 points. The clutch shot cut the lead to being down one possession. With the excitement of the big shot, several players forgot the instructions of the prior timeout, which was to pick up full court man, deny number 10 and 15 the inbounds pass, and foul whoever else caught the ball immediately. Three players ran back down the court, forgetting their assignments, allowing their best shooter and player, number 10, to receive the ball and dribble off 10 seconds before he was fouled. Hitting the first, and then retaining possession on the rebound off the miss, lead to another two made baskets at the line. Down 6, with 15 seconds left, the Redskins could not finish the comeback.

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, ” In a tough away game, in a small, tight gym, against a solid team, we played our butts off tonight. This was by far the best defense we have played all year, as players were getting up in their faces, anticipating passes, crashing the boards hard, and getting after it ever defensive possession. It was by far our best offensive game of the season as well. We average 36 points a game, and tonight we nearly doubled that average at 68 points. The balled moved well, we were aggressive driving to the basket, had 15 offensive rebounds, and had our highest assist total of the year. I thought the youngs kids came off the bench and provided a spark for us. While the win/loss column may not show it, it is clear that we have improved drastically as a team throughout the year.”

Manteo Hangs Tough Against Camden, but Falls Short

The Redskins came out focused and determined to make Camden earn their points. In the first quarter, Manteo forced Camden to be patient, and work the ball around against their zone. The Redskins shifted hard, and communicated well, and were able to get several defensive stops against the conference-leading Bruins. However, the offensive end of the first quarter for the Redskins was a struggle. They got several good looks inside early, and got to the line, but failed to convert any of the chances. A lone three-pointer from Claveon Rice was all that would fall in the first quarter, going down 18-3.

In the 2nd quarter, Manteo loosened up offensively, move the ball with a purpose, and shots began to fall. Chandler France worked hard inside to convert three shots in the paint, opening up the outside for Eric Bailey and Wolfie Schultz to find space to knock down a couple threes. The Redskins went into halftime, trailing 29-18.

Manteo again was able to hang tough with Camden in the third quarter, holding the Bruins to 14 points in the quarter, while scoring 9 points. In the 4th quarter, the Bruin bench came out hot, with one sub hitting 4 three-pointers in the 4th quarter alone. Claveon Rice knocked down 2 more from three-point range, while Josh Houston and Chandler France put up a couple in the paint. Manteo fell 68-37 in the end.

After the game, Coach Cleaver stated, ” While the overall end result was not what we wanted, we do have several positives to take away. We hung tough against one of the best teams in the conference and made them earn everything they got. We were communicating on defense, calling out cutters, and seeking out players to box out. We found open looks and moved the ball with a purpose, we just didn’t always make the perfect pass, or finish. We feel we are ready to take down Columbia Friday night.”

Chandler France posted his 8th double, double on the season.

For all stats, see:,nc)/basketball/stats.htm



Manteo Gets Their First Win of the Season

On January 10th, Manteo traveled down to Cape Hatteras, with one thing on their mind; leave with a victory. Both teams were winless at the time and would fight hard throughout the night to ensure the season’s first win. While Manteo achieved what they set out to accomplish, the Hurricanes made the Redskins earn their victory. Manteo won 51-40.

The Redskins came out in their full-court diamond and one press defense, turning the Hurricanes over quickly and often. Manteo was able to force Hatteras to turn the ball over 12 times in the first quarter alone, but again, the inability to make layups and finish at the rim, lead Manteo to only converting one of those turnovers into transition points. This trend continued throughout the entire game, as Hatteras would turn the ball over 27 times, with Manteo only converting three of those turnovers into transition points. This trend allowed Hatteras to remain in the game, as the game was tied at the half, 29-29.

Manteo was 17 of 52 from inside the arc, of which 51 of those shot attempts came inside the paint. From beyond the arc, Manteo was just 3 of 19, at 16%.

Manteo stayed with their press defense throughout the game, racking up a team total of 20 steals. After allowing Hatteras a solid offensive first half, scoring 29 points, Manteo tightened up defensively, and held the Hurricanes to just 11 points in the second half, allowing them to secure an 11 point win.

Claveon Rice, and Chandler France both posted double, doubles for the Redskins. Rice with 14 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists, and 7 steals.  France with 16 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, and 5 blocks. Wolfie Schultz played another solid game with 7 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 steals, while Shymeek Pledger chipped in 6 points and 3 steals.

While the game was certainly not pretty other either side, in large part because of a short sided officiating crew, the Redskins worked hard for their win, and will look to take some momentum into their Friday matchup again Perquimans.


Manteo Falls to Ocracoke

The rescheduled Monday contest against the Ocracoke Dolphins, on January 9th, resulted in another loss for the Manteo Redskins. A slow offensive start for Manteo in the first quarter lead Ocracoke off to a quick lead that they would never relinquish. Manteo was able to work the ball around against Ocracoke’s 2-3 zone, and get good looks inside the paint, and open outside shots, but an inability to finish at the rim proved to be the difference in the game. Manteo shot 32% from the field, making just 18 of 57 shots, most all of which came inside the paint. The Reskins were even colder on the perimeter, as they shot just 11%, 2 of 19, from beyond the arc. On the other end, Ocracoke was able to finish shots in the paint, shooting 44% from the field, while also shooting 30% from beyond the arc.

After a slow start, Manteo switched into their 1-2-2, three-quarter court press, to pick the tempo of the game up. Manteo was able to make a few small runs to keep the game in reach, but in the end, they were never able to sustain a run long enough to make the comeback. In the end, Manteo lost 43 to 59.

Senior, Chandler France posted yet another double, double for Manteo, with 17 points, and 10 rebounds. Freshman, Wolfie Schultz had a strong second half, driving hard to the basket, to finish with 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Manteo Falls to Gates

On Friday, December 16th, the Manteo Redskins traveled to Gates County, to face off against the defending conference champs. The Redskins had one of their best starts to a game this year, posting 18 points in the first quarter. Point guard Claveon Rice, lead the way by driving the ball hard into the paint, and finishing at the rim. Senior captain, Chandler France, also started strong, finishing everything inside. The Red Barons came out in their full court press. At times, Manteo broke the press with ease, resulting in easy buckets at our end. However, old habits showed they died hard, when soft lob passes over top of traps were picked off, and taken the other way. Two timeouts were called early to discuss the issue, and once the passes were being made correctly, the turnovers began to cease.

While Manteo was able to score on the offensive end in the first quarter, they were unable to keep the Barons off the scoreboard, as they posted 28 points to Manteo’s 18 in the 1st quarter. The quickness of the Baron’s guards allowed them constant penetration through Manteo’s zone defense, and the Redskin’s inability to box out, or out jump the opposition, lead to numerous offensive rebounds and put packs for the Barons.

The Redskins cooled off in the 2nd quarter, allowing the Baron’s lead to grow. In the third quarter, Manteo picked back up the aggressiveness on the offensive end, taking the ball strong inside, leading to more scoring opportunities and points. However, Manteo remained unable to keep the Barons from scoring.

Manteo saw a breakout offensive performance from sophomore, Claveon Rice, with 19 points. Chandler France posted his third double, double on the season, and senior, Shumure Flowers provided energy and passion on the court.

The Redskins continue to improve on the offensive end, scoring just under 50 points in the last two games, which is a drastic improvement from early season games. Manteo is working hard in practice on the defensive end, to hammer down defensive principles, and quicken their feet, in an effort to limit opponents scores in the games. Manteo returns after Christmas break, on January 3rd with a home game against Columbia. Come out and support your Redskins.