Manteo Falls to Gates

On Friday, December 16th, the Manteo Redskins traveled to Gates County, to face off against the defending conference champs. The Redskins had one of their best starts to a game this year, posting 18 points in the first quarter. Point guard Claveon Rice, lead the way by driving the ball hard into the paint, and finishing at the rim. Senior captain, Chandler France, also started strong, finishing everything inside. The Red Barons came out in their full court press. At times, Manteo broke the press with ease, resulting in easy buckets at our end. However, old habits showed they died hard, when soft lob passes over top of traps were picked off, and taken the other way. Two timeouts were called early to discuss the issue, and once the passes were being made correctly, the turnovers began to cease.

While Manteo was able to score on the offensive end in the first quarter, they were unable to keep the Barons off the scoreboard, as they posted 28 points to Manteo’s 18 in the 1st quarter. The quickness of the Baron’s guards allowed them constant penetration through Manteo’s zone defense, and the Redskin’s inability to box out, or out jump the opposition, lead to numerous offensive rebounds and put packs for the Barons.

The Redskins cooled off in the 2nd quarter, allowing the Baron’s lead to grow. In the third quarter, Manteo picked back up the aggressiveness on the offensive end, taking the ball strong inside, leading to more scoring opportunities and points. However, Manteo remained unable to keep the Barons from scoring.

Manteo saw a breakout offensive performance from sophomore, Claveon Rice, with 19 points. Chandler France posted his third double, double on the season, and senior, Shumure Flowers provided energy and passion on the court.

The Redskins continue to improve on the offensive end, scoring just under 50 points in the last two games, which is a drastic improvement from early season games. Manteo is working hard in practice on the defensive end, to hammer down defensive principles, and quicken their feet, in an effort to limit opponents scores in the games. Manteo returns after Christmas break, on January 3rd with a home game against Columbia. Come out and support your Redskins.